A pixel art image of Ens sitting cross legged, they're resting their chin on their hand.

Microgravities is the local (online) habitat of Ens et al. I host my various digital projects and creations here. There's lore if you're interested:

Ens is a quiet but rather eccentric Shimmera. In this life they are a researcher of occult/metaphysical biology (theoretical) specializing in newly emerging aquatic lifeforms in Vossilor in the 4th era. They reside in the Mezzanine, a sprawling underwater complex where their labratory and apartment are located. The Mezzanine is one of three zones that make up the complex, it is the main laboratory and aquarium. This zone is capable of running a few simulated habitats perpetually; making use of the surrounding environment to support more ephemeral aquatic habitats used for studying various species of interest.

A garden is always "under construction"

This website is more or less a living specimen, ever changing and updating because I can never truly finish a project. Bookmarking it is recommended if you'd like to stay up to date with it (I'm too shy to use my neocities profile).


  • 09.24.2022 - The gallery has been revamped so it fits in better with the rest of the site. There's some missing images that I'm working on getting fixed, this is due to me not being able to get neocities to play nice with the file names so I had to rename a bunch of files (neocities doesn't like spaces in file names for some reason? idk I tried everything I'm tired).
  • 08.31.2022 - I removed bootstrap and started work on a new layout for the site. I ported over the current layout so everything looks (mostly) the same, but I have plans to change it once I get the CSS all sorted out first.
  • 08.18.2022 - Updated the color schemes for the light and dark mode + more little changes I forgot to write down aaa
  • 08.02.2022 - I have a bit of a backlog to go through since I've been neglecting to update this. The Cirque Condensed has been updated with new info and some of the older articles have been given a refresh. The Home and About page has been updated with a new layout. I've updated my blog a couple of times since the last site update, I don't really care to promote it since it's just me rambling into the void tbh. I'm working on getting an RSS feed going for my blog and the site so stayed tuned for that. Last but not least I updated the splash page with links, disclaimers, and other important info.
  • 07.12.2022 - Updated my gallery and blog; switched both over to Hugo for easier updating. I'm still working on adding titles and descriptions to each piece in the gallery. There's also some small CSS and layout tweaks I've done since that last time I updated the changelog.
  • 06.29.2022 - some small CSS tweaks, updated my about page a bit.
  • 06.07.2022 - We are now switching over to self-hosting our site's fonts since Google Fonts API leaks your IP address to Google (source).
  • 06.04.2022 - The Cirque Condensed has been overhauled and is now hosted here on microgravities! It's still a BIG work-in-progress but this is something I've been meaning to do now for a long time.
  • 05.27.2022 - Added a light mode for the main site; it will now automatically switch based on your device's preferences! I still have to make new sidebar background since the current one is a placeholder. I adjusted the gallery's light mode to match the main site better.
  • 05.24.2022 - Updated the landing page, it now has a link to the rest of the site! (Hello world 😳)
  • 05.22.2022 - Updated the Gallery: re-worked layout to be more light-weight. Also added new art!
  • 05.09.2022 - New domain name (finally!). Added tooltips with credits for art not done by myself around the site.
  • 05.08.2022 - New old art in the gallery, also added a content warning.
  • 05.04.2022 - Started setting a blog (no entries yet, head empty rn)
  • 05.02.2022 - Updated the Gallery; added more art from the backlog