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Very minor update but I changed the link to the RSS feed to https://microgravities.net/feed.rss. The old one will work untill it doesn't, which is whenever I get around to figuring out how RSS styling works since I would like to not have to update two different feeds everytime I want to post an update here lol.


My blog is back! I'm not sure how often I'll use it, I am trying to use it instead of posting to social media but it is back and I have some new posts over there. Yes it does have it's own RSS feed so I won't cross-post new posts to this feed except for new finished art pieces.

I also merged the splash page with the main index page of the site. I felt like having a splash page was redundant since I rewrote the index page to include my off-site links. Wow!


Wow it's been a while since I last posted an update but I have been working on some things in the background.

So starting with the biggest change, I finally moved this site off of Neocities! While I absolutely still love neocities I just felt like I kind of outgrew it and missed the freedom of having a VPS to host my stuff on. There's still somethings I need to fix and update but for the most part the move itself is done!

The gallery has been completely updated, well more like reverted back to a more easily maintained version. Either way the usual disclaimer still applies; I'm still working on updating/adding titles and descriptions. There's also new art/sketches I've uploaded.

Cirque Condensed was updated a couple of times since the last update I posted but it's mostly backend stuff and small additions/fixes. There likely won't be any big updates until I finish the overhaul and lore update I've had in the works for a hot minute now.

I also plan on 'fixing the blog machine' in the near future since Tumblr looks like it wants to go the way of Twitter and Reddit.

and finally you can follow site updates via Atom feed now. I am thinking about writing a small feed reader recommendation post but I do highly recommend getting one set up. It's one of the best ways to curate your online experience.