V. The Hierophant

Image description: n/a End ID.

Logic is a construct of the human
Despite all our scrambling rejections
We cannot transcend all of our instincts
Just animals lost in a confused dream
Where mankind is real
And at the center of everything

I wanted to actually flesh Adam's design out because he’s more than a Hellen recolor. So here’s the big Sadomasochist Hierophant. He absolutely hates humans but is too nihilistic to really act on those feelings so he ends up being really passive aggressive towards them. Has a really cool vape pen, none left boob, meme enabler.

I always like designing pharmia (what him and Hellen are) armor and clothes, because it's low key body horror and that's always fun.
His Horns are a part of him (meaning attached to his spine) and can be removed (muscles act as a sheath, holding them in place) as used as a pair of fucking ritual daggers. He's got built in murder knives in his back, he came out the womb™ with those, his chiropractor hates him.

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