a reference page for Xyla


Image description: a reference sheet for Xyla, a dark brown anthropomorphic alien. She has a feline shaped head and a blunt beak at the end of her snout. She has teal ombre braids and her ears are split at the ends with teal plugs in her earlobes. She has a brightly colored chest, inner ears, and tail. She has rosette markings on her chest, arms, thighs, and tail. Her tail is long like a leopards and the fur at the tip is braided, the very tip of her tail is exposed and is covered in dark scales. The sheet consists of one colored full-body image, a line drawing profile view of her head, and a smaller colored shot of her bust. End ID.

New Shimmera just dropped!! I finally finished Xyla’s full ref :)

This is Xyla, one of the Pyrefei’s most respected elder, also known as the “Firebrand”. She is compassionate yet unmoving, a tactical genius, and master of beast and machine, and she has two adopted children (Fen and Ire).

I don’t have any new lore for her to share rn but she actually has a lot of it given she’s one of the longer lived Shimmera lol. There’s a lot of important stuff she’s been involved so I have to sit down and do a write up of all of that and I want to make sure give it the time it deserves.

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