A digital drawing of Ens; a alien that resembles a anthropomorphic hyena with solid black and white color block markings and diamond scar-like markings on their neck, wrists, and ankles. In this image they are drawn with chibi proportions wearing a cream cable knit sweater and black leggings, they are playfully sticking out their tongue and making the peace sign with their right hand.

Microgravities is the local (online) habitat of Ens, also known as NullTheta and DepartedGlories.

Hello, I'm Ens and this is my personal website! I also host my various digital projects and creations here since I'm more of an eccentric hobbyist than a "content creator". I'm an artist and worldbuilder who enjoys science fantasy settings and I am very much furry adjacent. I'm also interested in coding (HTML, CSS, JS, etc...), F/OSS software, and the independent web.

This site is mobile friendly and requires JavaScript. I create with an adult audience in mind.

Points of Interest

  • About: get to know the webmaster.
  • Gallery: my proper art gallery/portfolio.
  • Blog: my blog, I post my art and writing here.
  • The Cirque: a reference for my main worldbuilding project.
  • Null✦Theta: my online journal hosted on the Fediverse.


I primarily post my work here on my website, but I also cross-post my work to a couple of different places.

Tumblr Toyhou.se Bluesky

You can also find me elsewhere on the internet with various levels of activity, mostly to keep up with mutuals or to causally browse.

Tumblr Twitter Fediverse Cohost

A garden is always "under construction"

This website is more or less a living specimen, ever changing and updating because I can never truly finish a project. You can follow my website by copying it's URL into your newsreader. Visit About Feeds to learn more and get started (it’s free and I highly recommend it).

I post all updates, including site ones, to my blog now. You can view them here.