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Microgravities is the local (online) habitat of Ens, also known as NullTheta and DepartedGlories.

Hello, I'm Ens and this is my personal website! I host my various digital projects and creations here since. I'm an artist and worldbuilder who enjoys science fantasy settings and anthropromorphic characters. I'm also interested in coding (HTML, CSS, JS, etc...), F/OSS software, and the indie web. I'm more of an eccentric hobbyist than a "content creator", but I try to keep this site updated on a somewhat regular basis.

This site is mobile friendly and uses JavaScript.

Additional Lore

The Mezzanine is a small space station currently located in the low orbit of a remote planet somewhere out in deep space. The space station is divided into three zones; Callysto [52], Ehro'pa [09.a], and Galatea [11]. You are currently visiting zone 09.a, Ehro'pa. It is the garden and aquarium. This zone is capable of running a few simulated habitats perpetually and a couple of ephemeral aquatic habitats used for studying various species of interest.

The name Microgravities is inspired from Biosphere's ambient techno album Microgravity.

Points of Interest

A garden is always "under construction"

This website is more or less a living specimen, ever changing and updating because I can never truly finish a project. You can follow my website by copying it's URL into your newsreader. Visit About Feeds to learn more and get started (it’s free and I highly recommend it).


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