About Me

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Hello! My name is Ens and I am the webmaster of this website. I'm pretty quiet but I do have a lot about me. Please bear with me here, I'm admittedly very bad at writing about myself.

I’m a plural otherkin internet user, which is purposefully left vague, get to ‘know’ me if you can. Being plural and otherkin is more of a private/personal thing for me and I don't really try to being attention to it purposefully. It's just another aspect of myself.

I’m an artist and worldbuilder; I tend to spend a lot of time drawing and writing for our various headworlds and worldbuilding projects. Generally my work falls into the science fantasy genre, but I’m not a fan of labeling my work in general since I do not create with a set genre or label in mind.

I'm somewhere between Non-binary, Neutrois, and Agender. I've found that there's no useful terms/labels to describe my experience with gender so I typically use those three terms interchangeably. I prefer not using any pronouns, but I am okay with They/Them being used instead for accessibly/convenience purposes.


"Null" (or Ens) is my kinself rather than an actual fursona, though I often present them as a one in public spaces since being otherkin is mostly a private thing for me. There's additional info and images of them on their toyhou.se profile! My NullTheta handle is based off of their name; Iteration 09.

Browsing History

I've been an active internet user since 2008. Back then I spent most of my time in virtual worlds (neopets, webkinz, valenth, second life, world of warcraft, etc) and early-ish social media sites like youtube, deviantart, and tumblr. I've always been quiet online, I didn't really post much until ~2013 when I decided to focus more on making digital art and became more active on DA. Since then most of my activity on social media consists of posting my artwork and worldbuilding snippets but if I'm honest I've always been more of a lurker/wall-flower at heart.

Online Status

If I'm honest I'm not on social media much these days, I'm really only on Twitter and Tumblr to keep in touch with my favorite fellow internet users I've met over the years. I'd say I'm still very much online though, just on the more 'independent' side of the web (personal websites, the fediverse, etc).

Right now I'm focusing on working on my various personal projects, which I post about sometimes on my blog. My website serves as my home on the internet, so you'll always be able to find me here.

The best way to get in touch with me is via email: departedglories [at] gmail [dot] com and optionally ask for my Discord.

About the Site

I originally started this site on neocities back in 2017 after I started to become disillusioned with social media and I wanted my own space to express myself online. I like the idea of having my own site to host my work/stuff in a more 'quiet' setting since social media metrics and the whole "content creator mindset" makes me anxious.

The site itself is written in plain HTML, CSS, and a bit of JS. I'm not a web developer, I do know a bit about webdev but this is just a hobby for me. Some stuff might be busted, it is what it is.

This website pledges to have 100% human-made content. No machine learning or artificial intelligence tools were ever or will ever used in the creation of posts, pages, art pieces, and photographs.


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