November Newsletter

Hello, here I am with my monthly newsletter. It's been another quiet month from me but I've been busy working on and finishing up some big projects lately so let's get into it!

News from Microgravities

I spent the first half of November mostly working on my website. That big old website refresh I've been talking about is finally live! I know visually it looks similar to the old version but I ended up rewriting the whole website for the transition to using Eleventy, so there was a lot of the changes are under the hood. I could have just ported the old layout over but there were some quirks about it that bothered me so I wrote it to not be so 'quirky'[1].

Another big addition is the gallery, which is finally up to date with all of my work. It's not 100% complete since I want to add image descriptions to each piece but that's a longer term project I will have to tackle over time. I am not the best at writing descriptions for anything really so I want to take my time and learn to do it right.

As for other future plans for my website I'm working on prototyping a character directory and profile pages for our OCs. This is going to be another long term project, or at least I won't be working on it full time like I did for the overhaul/refresh until after December.

Recent Artwork

This month has not been good to me in terms of art unfortunately so I do not have much to show. I did finish one piece but I wasn't super happy with it even though it was just a little experimental piece. I did also make some more progress on a larger piece now that I'm feeling well enough to sit at my desk for longer periods of time.

Admittedly I'm in a bit of a weird headspace due to the holidays, a lot of stress and anxiety and it's reflecting how I'm feeling about my art right now. I'm going to try to take it easy and maybe do some studies and more sketches to regain some confidence in my art.

Personal Updates

I was actually sick for most of November since I have really bad fall allergies that managed to linger into November so I couldn't really get as much done as I wanted to due to being tired as hell and trying to get some rest. I'm finally starting to feel better but mentally I'm still going through it. My depression usually gets worse around the holidays for a variety of reasons, I'll be okay though. I've been playing some of my comfort games like Second Life and Minecraft to help manage my anxiety, I also picked up Sun Haven recently and I'm having a lot of fun with it.

I will likely be quieter than usual until after Christmas, what that means for my blog is that I'll focus on writing the monthly newsletter and making regular posts when I can. I'm going to be active on my fediverse account though since I like microblogging on it.

That's all I have for this newsletter, I'm hoping December will be kinder for us so I'll have more to show for next month!

  1. If you're curious the big thing that bothered me was that the old layout used to used JavaScript to calculate how tall the sidebar needed to be in order to fill the length of the screen when you can just use pure CSS to do that. It bothered me since that impacted the entire website loading time and used unnecessary JS so I fixed that. I actually removed a lot of JS that it used to use and trimmed it down. Not that I have a thing against JS, but I would rather keep my website somewhat light-weight. ↩︎