I don’t know how to write an intro post

I probably sound like a broken record at this point and I know I’ve been hoping back and forth between having a blog and using fediverse but I think I hit a point where I’m actually just done with engaging with social media. I was never a fan of Twitter and with it’s slow death I’d figure I would take the opportunity to go elsewhere online and I ended up on the indieweb. I tried out using fediverse software to blog on since I’m used to microblogging from my time on Twitter but I realized I do not want to have to deal with managing my own instance, especially since I saw the recent drama and I decided that I didn’t want to have to deal with the additional moderation baggage.

So I’m back to blogging with limited social interaction since that’s the most I can handle right now. I’m a very shy person and being exposed to social media metrics puts me in a bad headspace. I did set up comments this time around, usually I opt to disable them and leave an email address as a point of contact but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to open up a bit more and enable them.

At the end of the day I like posting online, there’s something that compels me to share the stuff I make and to write my thoughts down and send them off into the digital void. I just need my own space to do that and I’ve spent a long time trying to find that space. It’s strange finding myself back where I was when I was on Tumblr a long time ago, this time around I’m a lot more mature and mentally stable (I’m still very much brain weird mind you, I just know how to deal with it better). Anyways I’m going have to figure out the theme situation soon because I hate modern WordPress themes and I need to customize this thing asap.