Miscellaneous works in progress for your consideration

I’m trying to clear out the backlog of wips and other various stuff from previous blogs and my fediverse instance so here’s a good chunk of them. This is all of the interesting stuff I think that’s left, after this I’m probably just going to put everything else in my archive folder and call it a day. This is all stuff I want to ‘finish’ at some point so you will likely see this stuff again in some form with my usual extended commentary, I just want to get this stuff out there now to be honest 😅

First I have some spicy wips feat. Epsilon, Beck’s fursona, and Beck himself doing some freaky mind and body shit with me. These were featured in a old newsletter from last year and I’m still working on them with the intent of doing something with them at least.

Next I have two pieces for the Cirque also featured in a old newsletter: a redraw of two older pieces of myself combined into one and a reference image for Xyla. These I am definitely finishing once I’m out of this weird art headspace I’m in right now since they’re close to being done anyways.

This one I ended up sending back into wip hell because I didn’t like how it turned out and I think I like the new anti-aliased version better, which is funny because it uses the original linework I drew before changed my mind and relined it in a pixel brush. I still have to do the background and do some edits before I call this one done for real (again).

Okay last one, I made this figura model of myself a while back and never shared it even though I’m still really proud of it. It’s scripted to so the eyes move and blink, the tail and ears have subtle physics, and yes I can wag my tail it’s very cute and I love it. I have to make one of Epsilon for Beck now.

That’s all I got for now! I’m trying to get back into making stuff regularly again so hopefully I’ll have more stuff to share soon. For now though I’m going to play some games and try to relax for a bit lmao.