The Cirque

The Cirque is one universe split into two, connected by the enigmatic dimension called 'the veil'. There in it's ring lives incorporeal beings given form, the children of dreaming primordial biomechanical supercomputers, and the many other curious beings who call the Cirque their home.

The Cirque Condensed is the condensed version of my documentation of the Cirque, two intertwined universes located in the outer reaches of the known multiverse, which is a fancy way to describe my collection of notes on my personal Noemata. I found that documenting everything I can about the Cirque works well as a coping mechanism and I've been doing this for well over 15 years at this point.

The Cirque is currently on a soft hiatus; I'm still working on it but progress is slow right now due to health issues and irl stuff keeping me busy. A lot of the info in the Cirque Condensed is old and is due for a major update.