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"I steered the ship close to the shimmering wall
Leaning over the bow, I reached my hand out to touch the mirror-like surface
To all of our dismay, my palm rested on the barrier, feeling the soft vibrations
Our home had become that of a dream."

I could not resist drawing my sad lesbian 'pirate' elf, especially now that we are getting nightborne as a playable race!!! Now my rouge finally can be horde and a nightborne like the powers that be intended.

Quick backstory I guess: They're a 'pirate' captain from Suramar who along with their ride-or-die crew fetch rare and exotic goods for the powerful and rich houses. On one long trip retrieving magical arms they returned to Suramar to find it sealed off. They still mutated into a Nightborne because they relied heavily on a magical amulet that's imbued with the power of the nightwell. Probably not lore friendly but with WoW the lore is made up and doesn't matter.

(ALSO I need to like not forget their marking next time for fucks sake???)

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