Why do you love me?

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"In my Dream, I saw the world I was destined to devour.
Before the end of days I saw a field of white flowers, unmoved by the gale wind.
A demon, with broken horns and the moon for a face, laying in the flowers.
Looking up at the void above, dreams of stars swirling in their mind.

I saw you in my dream, my love. My dream can wait, I want to see where your dream takes us."

New sona I guess, things have been very busy for me in a way. I'm going to flesh their design out later.

This is a very emotional piece for me, I cried twice doing it and I think it's one of my best (or at least favorite) I've done this year so far. I tried a new method of shading and it looks really cool and it's actually easy to do??? I like how the flowers look even if it was a pain in the ass, I did it by hand ;-;. I'm going to look into getting this as a print soonish, I will make it public if there's enough demand (as well as some other pieces I've done)

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