A drawing of an Ealter Pharmia


Image description: n/a End ID.

This is about as done as I'd think it will get so I'm posting it. It's a WIP design for a super duper secret writing project Adam and I are working on, this is his concept I just drew it for him (as usual, he can't draw save for pixel and geometric stuff).

lemme read from Adam's notes for this one:
"This is it’s form before it totally ‘shed’ it’s flesh for a parasitic form, it has lost much of it’s gel like fat in preparation for it. It opted to store it’s muscles in the form of large ribbon like tendrils that flow from it’s upper arms. It’s head dress covers it’s mangled and flesh-less head, the gold face plate is sensory conductive and allows it to perceive the world as it would without it."

This is a Pharmia, one of our personal headworld species, they are a closed species.

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