A sketch of a Minua Shimmera


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I was trying to work out how a specific 'important' Shimmera looked and I ended up drawing a completely different one instead! Funny how that happens.

Some selected thoughts I had while drawing them:

  • This one is likely from the Minua Paqu/Pack, since they live in an isolated underwater city southeast of the Light Steps.
  • There's hints of Gyregan ancestry, but most Shimmera don't really have the means of verifying ancestry so it's more of a speculative field for them. It's kind of like astrology for them in a sense.
  • They have soft smooth skin, like a freshwater loach or corydora (but less slimy due to a lack of slime coat ofc).
  • Shimmera with pronounced beaks often have nostrils located around their eyes or inside of their mouths.
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