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  • name: Ens / E-no'ta
  • age: 26
  • zodiac: cancer (water)
  • gender: non-binary (they)
  • personality: eccentric, outwardly quiet, thoughtful, lighthearted, non-confrontational
  • likes: rain, ambient music, freshwater aquariums, sushi

Ens is a quiet but rather eccentric Shimmera. In this life they are a 'researcher' of metaphysical biology, specializing in newly emerging aquatic lifeforms in Vossilor in the 4th era.

Null/Ens is my kinself rather than an actual fursona, though I often present them as a one in public spaces since being otherkin is mostly a private thing for me. I see myself as them, because they are me.

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  • name: Aphercy (Phercy)
  • age: 28
  • zodiac: aries (fire)
  • gender: non-binary (he/she/it)
  • personality: reticent, protective, headstrong, deadpan, loyal
  • likes: coffee, trip-hop, art films, cozy sweaters

A shapeshifter believed to be an angel cast out from 'heaven' for betraying his divine purpose. He spent many years wandering, eventually he decided on a new purpose for himself.

Phercy is my co-fronter's fursona.

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  • name: Ilo Vunn Ahn June (Ilo)
  • age: ?? (adult)
  • zodiac: taurus (earth)
  • gender: non-binary (they)
  • personality: laid-back, mischievous, clever, cryptic
  • likes: sailing, loitering, forbidden knowledge, the local waffle house

Ilo was artificially formed in to a rich naval Aurai family, he was sent to the Froniter to claim it's seas for the Aurai Throne, instead he turned against them joining the Faeng in their fight for freedom. Ilo has a keen interest in the primoridal evils of Ameneyates, from whom he seeks knowledge from. For what reason remains unknown, as the fool only knows what he does not want or so he says.

Our beloved quirked up Aurai.

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  • name: Adam V. Alnimasei
  • age: ?? (adult)
  • zodiac: scorpio (water)
  • gender: agender (he, it)
  • personality: eclectic, ineffable, intense, confident
  • likes: poetry, experimental music, paradoxes, brutalist architecture

The Infamous Vitruvian Adam, he likes to cause problems on purpose. Adam is known to be rather reculsive but in public he is often described as cold and unmoving. The few that know him personally claim he is rather cordial if not a little eccentric. Adam is known in the pvailian academic world for his work in the field of metaphysical biology (theoretical and practical).

Adam, as himself.

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